The Charms and Types of WesternKnives

The Charms and Types of WesternKnives



「The Charms and Types of Western Knives」

・What is the charm of Western knives?

・Types of Western knives

・Western knives are versatile




- What is the charm of Western knives?

       There are roughly two types of kitchen knives that are one of the most common cooking utensils. They are Japanese knives and Western knives. Western knives have developed in the West, as the name suggests.

       Western knives are originally designed for cutting meat, and have a double-edged blade. While Japanese knives are replaceable with the tang inserting the handle, Western knives have the blade fixed to the handle. It is said that Western knives were introduced to Japan after the Meiji era (1868-1912) along with Western food.

       The charm of Western knives is that they are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of foods.


- Types of Western knives

       Western knives include Santoku, which is now widely used in households, Gyuto, which is an all-purpose knife, and Bread Knife, which has evolved along with changes in food habits.


 - Santoku

This knife is often used at households nowadays. It is a Western knife born in Japan, made after the war with reference to Western beef knives and others. It was named for its versatile use on vegetables, meat, and fish.

 - Gyuto

This knife is used for a variety of purposes, such as thin slicing of fish and meat, and crafting small items. It has a longer blade than Santoku, making it easier to use for large foods. It has a sharp edge and is useful for cutting into meat and fish. This knife can also be used for cutting large vegetables.

 - Petty

This is the smallest Western knife. It is used for peeling vegetables and fruits.

 - Nakiri

This is a vegetable knife used for peeling, hollowing, chopping, and trimming.

 - Bread Knife

With a wavy blade, this knife is used for cutting bread, as its name suggests. Thanks to the wavy blade, the blade easily slips in and prevents bread crumbs from coming out. It is also used for slicing ham, salmon, tomatoes, etc., and also for cutting sandwiches.

 - Chinese Knife

This knife is used in Chinese cooking and has a large rectangular shape. It is used to crack the shells of crustaceans and cut the bones of birds and fish using the weight of the knife itself. Because of its weight, it is suitable for short time use.


- Western knives are versatile

       Although Western knives do not have as many varieties as Japanese knives, a single Western knife can be used for a wide range of purposes. Compared to Japanese knives, which have a deep history and a unique Japanese spirit, Western knives are often used simply as cooking tools. They can be used for household purposes, but if you want to feel the historical background with more attention to detail, it may be a good idea to choose a Japanese knife.