Beginner's Guide to knife sharpening

The properties vary greatly depending on what kind of material is used for the kitchen knife, and the method of care also changes.


How to choose a kitchen knife

There are various types of kitchen knives, and it is best to choose which kitchen knife is best depending on the ingredients to be cut and the cooking method


Type of kitchen knife

Various types according to the ingredients to be cut and the purpose Are prepared, but they are roughly divided into two types, "Western kitchen knife" and "Japanese kitchen knife" due to the difference in their structure.


How to use kitchen knife

For those who use kitchen knives every day, it may be familiar to you, but once you compare it with your own usage, please use it to make daily cooking smoother.


Parts of japanese kitchen knife

The single edge has a front surface and a back surface, and is a forged welded base steel and steel. The feature is that the cut pieces are easy to separate and the cut section is beautiful. Most of the Japanese knives such as sashimi knives, out knives and thin knives are single-edged.


How to care for a Japanese knife

Do you know the material of your kitchen knife?
There are several materials used for knife blades.
The care method will change depending on the material.