Small Knife [Tradition]

If there is any country where knife is sharpening is deeply rooted into its culture, it has to be Japan. Japanese folding knives are characterized by the use of high-grade steel. These can be sharpened to true extremes. In many of the knives, a beautiful damask steel is used. This gives the blade a little something extra.

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The knife has a good balance and weight and it fits my hand perfectly. The details on the Damascus patterned blade is very beautiful and is such an attention grabber when my guests see me using my knife.

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This is my second purchase of a knife. Knifes are amazing. I feel pleasure when I use them without telling that they look like peace of art. Thank you Musashihamono for good quality, speed shipment. Highly recommend the product.

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I was shopping for a new yanagi .I’ve shopped with musashihamono for many years now, so I knew I could trust whatever they put their name on. It is an absolute bargain at the current price. Incredibly light with a beautiful polished blade.Amazing for slicing fruit. Highly recommended!

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