Japanese KING KW-65 whetstone knife sharpener #1000/#6000
Japanese KING KW-65 whetstone knife sharpener #1000/#6000
Japanese KING KW-65 whetstone knife sharpener #1000/#6000
Japanese KING KW-65 whetstone knife sharpener #1000/#6000
Japanese KING KW-65 whetstone knife sharpener #1000/#6000

Japanese KING KW-65 whetstone knife sharpener #1000/#6000

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Name: King Sharpening Stone
Size: 185mmx63mmx25mm
Grit: #1000/#6000
Origin: Japan

The stone should be kept wet throughout the sharpening process by sprinkling with water, which act as a lubricant on the stone.

The stones of the King series have a relatively soft bond, which allows the abrasives to be continually exposed during use, making the stone highly effective. These stones are particularly suitable for extremely hard, low-alloy carbon steels (White and Blue Paper Steel). Before use, soak the stones in water for at least 3 minutes.

Japanese whetstones (also called water stones) – both natural and synthetic – are known for their quick-working qualities, not only for Japanese blades, but also for their Western equivalents. The small particles that do the cutting are loosely bound together in the stone, and so during sharpening with the whetstone, the surface particles are quickly washed out, allowing new, sharp, particles to start working on the blade. These whetstones must be lubricated only with water! Never use oil or other lubricants!

Whetstones come in a range of grits:

#80 to #500 grit is typically used to repair knives with chipped edges.
#600 to #2000 grit are used to sharpen dull knives.
#3000 to #6000 grit are finishing stones and are used to refine your knife edge.
#8000~ grit are Super finishing stone.
If you are using your knife to cut meat it is best to stop at between #4000 and #6000 grit as you can bend your knife edge on the muscle.

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lisa sherry
Beautifully well balance knife

Amazing knife- so sharp and just awesome to use. The web site was great and I will be buying more!

So easy.

I learned from Staff how to sharpen a knife.
This is a great stone that is easy to use .


I gave my husband a knife and now he has become fond of sharpening. These stones work perfectly and have an amazing touch. Highly recommended.


a great Combination Whetstone


Love these stones, normally start with a 1000 and work my way to a 10,000. Finishes them to a razor sharp edge!.

Product features

Handmade Forging

By applying the traditional forging method, the molecules of iron, which is the material, are finely arranged, leading to the completion of a "live kitchen knife" that breathes.


The process of heating and forging each material for molding is repeated three or four times, and before carbon is released from the steel and the original power is not lost, it is quickly shaped into a blade and creates durability.


The blade is the most important for achieving the best sharpness. Produces uncompromising sharpness that can be sharpened at our own factory with blades.


We place the highest priority on a shape that is durable, luxurious, easy to grip, and does not get tired even after long-term use.

Sliver steel #3
White steel #1
White steel #2
Blue steel #1
Blue steel #2
Aogami Super


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