Nakiri VG-10 Tsuchime Walnut Handle 165mm
Nakiri VG-10 Tsuchime Walnut Handle 165mm
Nakiri VG-10 Tsuchime Walnut Handle 165mm
Nakiri VG-10 Tsuchime Walnut Handle 165mm
Nakiri VG-10 Tsuchime Walnut Handle 165mm
Nakiri VG-10 Tsuchime Walnut Handle 165mm
Nakiri VG-10 Tsuchime Walnut Handle 165mm
Nakiri VG-10 Tsuchime Walnut Handle 165mm

Nakiri VG-10 Tsuchime Walnut Handle 165mm

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Knife name: Nakiri
Material: VG-10 stainless
Finish: Tsuchime
Handle: Walnut Handle
Blade type: Double-edged
Blade length: 165 mm
Origin: Echizen City in Fukui prefecture

The Nakiri is a double bevel edged knife with thin blade profile and popular throughout Japan, it is mainly used by home cooks for quickly and efficiently chopping, slicing, and mincing vegetables, fruits, becoming popular knife among vegetarians.

VG-10 Stainless Steel
VG-10 (Takefu Special Steel Co., Ltd.) is one of the most popular and highly regarded Japanese Stainless Steels for making cutlery. It has strong corrosion-resistance and can provide very good edge sharpness and edge retention. VG-10 belongs to a group of steels called "Cobalt Steels”, but it also contains Vanadium, which improves its strength, toughness and edge retention.
C 0.95-1.05% | Cr 14.5-15.5% | Mo 0.9-1.2 % | V 0.1-0.3 % | Co 1.30-1.50 %

The knife bears visible impressions of the hand-forging process (round hammer dents on the blade), which gives it a beautiful finish and also prevents food from sticking to the blade.

■Please do not use the knife in a twisting motion.
■Please use the correct knife when cutting bone, frozen or hard items.
■Please note that the images are of the sample products. Colour, weight, pattern and size can differ as each product is handmade.
■Please use a soft plastic or wooden cutting board to protect the blades edge.
■Please don't heat or cool rapidly as it may change the structure of the steel.
■Please don't hesitate to contact us for further enquiries.

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Its so beautiful, sharp, perfect on my hands, well balance and i like the weight. I'm gonna buy more of his knives as my collection. Also i will recommend this product to my friends.


It is absolutely effortless to use this knife. Wish i had it 20 years ago!


Love the whole concept of this chopping design, so simple. Excellent quality and design.

work of art

well, i know this knife so i knew what i order..
the price is fair and i got the delivery faster than expected! thank you!

Great Knives!!!

My son loves them.It sliced through the meat so easily and effortlessly. The workmanship and craftsmanship was exceptional. They are truly beautiful to look at.!Highly satisfied!!!

Product features

Handmade Forging

By applying the traditional forging method, the molecules of iron, which is the material, are finely arranged, leading to the completion of a "live kitchen knife" that breathes.


The process of heating and forging each material for molding is repeated three or four times, and before carbon is released from the steel and the original power is not lost, it is quickly shaped into a blade and creates durability.


The blade is the most important for achieving the best sharpness. Produces uncompromising sharpness that can be sharpened at our own factory with blades.


We place the highest priority on a shape that is durable, luxurious, easy to grip, and does not get tired even after long-term use.

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Blue steel #2
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