Welcoming you to our Knife & Sake store in the busy Kappabashi Street!
Experience our beautiful knife collection in our one-of-a-kind shop, complete with a delightful selection of Sake drinks on the second floor.


A haven for kitchenware enthusiasts, be sure to visit our store for all your knife needs!
10:00~18:00 (Monday ~ Sunday)
THOSHICHI BUILDING, 3−8−4, Nishiasakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, 〒111-0035

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Discover the essence of Japanese craftsmanship at its finest.

Japanese knife

Choose your perfect knife from our extensive range of products.
Whether you prefer traditional multi-purpose, Japanese chef knives, or more unique knives, like our gold-carved Chokin Knives or our new Tsushima Knives with handles made out of marine plastic, we have a knife to captivate every taste.

Japanese sake

Enjoy Sake in our enchanting Japanese lantern-lit space.
 Discover the diverse flavors, each representing an aspect of "Kiawase" (joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure). Immerse yourself in old-time Japan with our Samurai and Yokai sets.
Elevate your experience with delightful snacks on the side, and be sure to explore our selection of Kappabashi coffee, ginger ale, and other tempting options.

1F Japanese Knives

Assuring English-Speaking Staff always available at your Service

Nestled in the heart of Kappabashi Street, Musashi invites you to delve into the captivating stories of Japanese craftsmanship behind every knife in our store, along with our Sake specialties. To make your experience seamless, our shop assistants are here to guide you every step of the way. They'll assist you in selecting the perfect knife for your kitchen needs, even helping you slice Japanese radishes to ensure it's just right for you. Furthermore, our English-speaking staff are skilled storytellers, sharing the fascinating narratives of knife craftsmanship and the legendary tales of samurai and yokai associated with each Sake tasting. We aim to bridge any language barrier and provide you with a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.

Vegetable Cutting Experience

When you hold one of our knives at Musashi, you may find yourself tempted to test its sharpness with a slice or chop. That's why we encourage our customers to experience it firsthand by cutting Japanese radishes right then and there. This hands-on approach allows you to truly feel the knife's power and sharpness, helping you make a more informed choice.

How to Use Whetstones

As you continue to use a knife, it naturally loses its sharpness over time. However, the good news is that with the right knowledge of knife sharpening techniques, you can prolong their lifespan significantly. At Musashi, we provide a demonstration on how to effectively use a Whetstone, designed for both convenience and effectiveness, making the process of sharpening knives much easier. With this skill, you can keep using your knives for an extended period, ensuring they stay sharp and ready for all your culinary needs.

Knife Engraving

Once you've purchased a knife at Musashi, we offer the additional service of knife engraving. You can choose to have your name or the name of the person you plan to gift the knife to engraved on the blade.
This personal touch not only adds a special and unique element to your knife but also creates a lasting impression, making it a memorable and cherished item.

Chokin Art knives

Our exquisite Chokin art (gold carving) designs are sure to leave an indelible impression, especially when paired with these exceptional Japanese knives.
Musashi has partnered with the skilled artisan Asamura Takao, boasting over 50 years of experience in the industry.
Each knife undergoes meticulous polishing for several months, with some taking up to a year to perfect.
This limited edition collection pays homage to the traditional Japanese carving style, preserving a craft that has been slowly fading away.

Tsushima Ocean Knife

In a commitment to sustainability, Musashi has embarked on a remarkable journey by introducing the Tsushima Ocean knife with a unique handle design.
Tsushima, Japan's westernmost island, faces a significant challenge with the accumulation of ocean waste from neighboring countries such as Korea and China.
After two years of dedicated efforts to develop a sustainable solution to combat ocean pollution, Musashi has found a way to repurpose Tsushima's marine debris.
This innovative approach allows us to craft vibrant and captivating Japanese knife handles, using the recycled materials to not only create eye-catching designs but also contribute to the greater good by addressing the issue of ocean waste.

Japanese Lacquer (Urushi)

Experience the exquisite fusion of nature and craftsmanship with Sumi Urushi handles.
Each handle is a testament to the artistry of the ages, meticulously crafted using the ancient Japanese Sumi Urushi lacquer technique, derived from the sap of the urushi tree.
This age-old tradition not only lends a captivating, lustrous finish to our knives but also ensures that every handle is a unique masterpiece.
Elevate your culinary journey with the warmth and beauty of Sumi Urushi handles, where every slice is a celebration of nature's elegance and human ingenuity.

2F Japanese Sake

Take a Sake break in Japanese Yokai territory!

Enjoy Sake in a cozy Japanese-style setting illuminated by lanterns. Choose from our Sake types: "Happiness," "Sadness," "Anger," and "Delight." Try our Sake-drinking comparison sets with samurai and yokai themes or opt for non-alcoholic options like Kappabashi coffee, ginger ale, and tasty snacks. Discover Sake in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Say hi to our team

MUSASHI JAPAN has staff not only from Japan but from across the world to provide detailed and prompt support to all customers in English.We are committed to providing the best interactive service to make Asakusa a place where visitors can experience "Japanese culture" to the fullest extent.