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G001 Musashi VG-10 Traditional Washi Gift Wrapped Santoku Paring Knife 1
H015 Musashi Aogami-SuperSantoku Knife 16.5cm 1
H016 Musashi VG-1 Steel Paring Knife 13.5cm 1
H017 Musashi VG-1 Steel Tsuchime Santoku Knife 16.5cm 2
H024 Musashi Blue Steel #2Santoku Knife 16.5cm 2
H026 Musashi Silver Steel #3 Polished Poplar Santoku Knife 16.5cm 1
H028 Musashi HAP40 SteelKiritsuke Knife 17cm 1
H032 Musashi Molybdenum Polished Bread Knife 25cm 2
H036 Musashi Aogami-SuperSantoku Knife 16.5cm 1
H051 Musashi VG-10 Stainless Steel Santoku Knife 18cm 1
H053 Musashi VG-10 Steel Chef Knife 21cm 1
H054 Musashi VG-10 Steel Sujihiki Slicing Knife 24cm 1
H055 Musashi VG-10 Steel Chef Knife 24cm 1
H058 Petty VG-10 Tsuchime Damascus 150mm 1
H070 Musashi VG-10 Damascus Paring Knife 8cm 1
H072 Musashi Blue Steel Magnolia Nakiri Knife 16.5cm 1
H096 Musashi Silver SteelChef Knife 21cm 1
H113 Musashi VG-10 Damascus Chef Knife 27cm 1
H114 Musashi Silver SteelChef Knife 24cm 1
H120 Musashi Blue Steel #2Sujihiki Slicing Knife 24cm 1
H121 Musashi Blue Steel #2Sujihiki Slicing Knife 27cm 1
H125 Deba Blue steel #2 Kurouchi 120mm 1
H126 Deba Blue steel #2 Kurouchi 135mm 1
H134 Gyuto VG-10 Tsuchime Damascus 210mm 1
H136 Nakiri VG-10 Tsuchime Damascus 180mm 1
H156 Musashi VG-10 Steel Chef Knife 21cm 1
H161 Musashi Silver SteelBrown Santoku Knife 18cm 1
T001 Musashi Sharpening Whetstone #400 1
T002 High Level Tsubaki Oil 100ml (Camellia Oil) 12
T006 Musashi Sharpening Whetstone #1000 2
T007 Musashi Sharpening Whetstone #3000 2
T013 Musashi Finishing Whetstone #8000 with Nagura Stone 1
T024 King KW-65 Sharpening Whetstone Grit #1000/#6000 5
T027 Naniwa IO-1142 Whetstone Flattening Touch Up Stone #220 2
T032 Rust Eraser (Sabitoru) #320 2
H019 Yanagiba Left Hand White steel #2 Polished 240mm 1
H090 Yanagiba Blue steel #2 Kurouchi Tsuchime270mm 1
H180 Yanagiba White steel #2 Polished210mm 1
H181 Yanagiba White steel #2 Polished240mm 1
H182 Yanagiba White steel #2 Polished270mm 1
H183 Yanagiba White steel #2 Polished300mm 1
H184 Yanagiba White steel #2 Polished330mm 1
H033 Sujihiki Stainless Clad Aogami-Super Kurouchi Tsuchime 240mm 1
H098 Sujihiki Bunka Silver Steel #3 Nashiji 240mm 1
H105 Sujihiki Silver Steel #3 Nashiji 240mm(Brown ) 1
H121 Sujihiki Blue steel #2 Kurouchi Damascus 270mm 1
H145 Sujihiki Aogami-Super Kurouchi210mm 1
H012 Kodeba Silver Steel #3 Tsuchime120mm 1
H063 Deba Blue steel #2 Polished165mm 1
H071 Ko Deba|Ajikiri Silver Steel #3 Tsuchime 80mm 1
H125 Deba Blue steel #2 Kurouchi 120mm 1
H126 Deba Blue steel #2 Kurouchi 135mm 1
H127 Deba Blue steel #2 Kurouchi 150mm 1
H130 Deba Blue steel #2 Kurouchi 210mm 1

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Product Features

Handmade Forging

With the traditional forging process, the molecules of the iron material are finely tuned, leading to the completion of a "living kitchen knife" that breathes.


The process of heating and forging each material for mold making is repeated three or four times to quickly shape the blade and create durability before the carbon is released from the steel causing it to lose its original strength.


The blade is the most important factor in achieving the best possible sharpness. It is polished in our own blade factory to produce uncompromising sharpness.


The highest priority is placed on sturdiness, a sense of luxury, and a shape that is easy to grip and does not cause fatigue even after long hours of use.

Sliver steel #3
White steel #1
White steel #2
Blue steel #1
Blue steel #2
Aogami Super


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