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Do you know that Japanese kitchen knives are famous?

Although it may not be well known, Japanese knives are one of the most important things to buy in Japan. Even if you are not interested in kitchen knives, if you find them attractive, you may want to get one. This website introduces MUSASHI, a Japanese kitchen knife brand available in Asakusa. Experience Japanese culture here.

Special Souvenirs at MUSASHI


Japanese-style wrapping


Special knife rolls to fit your knives

A special knife roll made of Nishijin textile from Kyoto, Japan. Various patterns are available to match Japanese knives.

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The Charm and Types of Japanese Knives

Japanese knives have evolved along with Japan's unique culture, as the word "Japanese" implies.

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If you want to find your own special knife, come to MUSASHI.

Our store is like an art gallery, where beautiful knives are displayed. Samurai armor is also exhibited in the store, allowing you to experience the traditional craftsmanship of Japan. Asakusa is an area known for its collection of traditional Japanese crafts and antique items, making it a place where you can experience Japanese culture. At our store, we also display beautiful knives and samurai armor made by Japanese craftsmen. The knives are made using traditional Japanese techniques, showcasing the skills of the craftsmen who have paid attention to every detail.

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English-speaking staff will assist you.

我們的工作人員不僅來自日本,還來自世界各地,他們用英語(漢語,法語,德語等)為所有顧客提供詳細、及時的支持。我們致力於提供最佳互動服務,使淺草成為遊客能夠充分體驗 "日本文化 "的地方。

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