Payment and Security

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Our website uses SSL technology,

which encrypts the important personal information of customers to ensure data security.

In order to make customers feel at ease in shopping and the use of related services, 

the Company has formulated the Privacy Policy to protect customers' privacy information.

In addition, the "SSL" mechanism is used for security measures to encrypt the transmission of customer personal data in communications.

This encryption technology is used to encrypt the personal information of customers and credit card numbers, etc., so that the communication can be carried out under a safe and secure mechanism.

The security mechanism of the so-called "proxy server" may not support SSL, depending on the environment used by the enterprise.

In that case, please contact your company's webmaster.

If you do not use SSL for communication, resulting in the leakage of information, we can not be held responsible for Musashihamono, please forgive us.

If you are unable to use SSL, please contact us directly.

Musashi process all orders in JPY. Your payment will be processed at the time we confirm your order.Please note that the date of order may not be the same as the date of checkout.


All orders will be shipped directly from Japan by Fedex , DHL or EMS to the address you specify.

●Japan:Free Shipping OVER ¥20,000 JPY
●Overseas:Free Stand Shipping OVER ¥30,000 JPY
(Except for remote areas)

●Shipping cost will be automatically calculated on the checkout page
●Shipping company: Japan Post,Fedex,DHL,EMS

U-pack(Japan) : ¥1,000 JPY 
Fedex (Overseas designated area) :¥3,000 JPY   
DHL (Overseas designated area) :¥3,000 JPY 
EMS (Overseas designated area) :¥2,800~¥3,800 JPY
DHL (Overseas designated area-Remote areas) :¥4,500~4,900JPY
Fedex (Overseas designated area-Remote areas) :¥4,700JPY

Shipping charges for remote locations such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada will change.

Delivery information can be changed up to one business day before we ship the product. Please contact us directly.

In order for customers to get the kitchen knives they want immediately, as soon as the order is received, it is automatically sent to Japanese customs. Because of the time difference, there is a possibility that we may not be able to catch up in time.

Delivery time depends on the destination. Usually it takes 2-14 business days.

International shipping is available to most of the countries. If we can NOT ship to your location, we will contact you.

In addition, we will notify you of your order by sending you an "Order Confirmation" and a "Shipping Notification" after you place your order.

Delivery may be delayed depending on weather or road conditions.

Please refer to the tracking number in the Shipping Notification sent at the time of shipment.

Tariffs and VAT are established by the customs authorities of the country or region where the goods are purchased, and are based on the country of manufacture and the goods. Classification determines the amount of duty.

The amount you pay at the time of purchase does not include local customs duties and VAT, 

which may or may not be levied at the discretion of the local customs office.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the relevant tax authorities in your country.


Musashi Online Store is located in Japan, so after customers order from Japan through the website, the products will be shipped from Japan.We are unable to accept returns or exchanges for personal reasons after delivery.

The products will be subject to strict quality inspection before shipment. If there is any natural damage to the product, or if the product is wrong, we will exchange the product.

Please Contact Us as soon as possible within 7 days of receiving the product or call us if it is judged to be necessary to exchange the product.

After confirming the contents of your order, we will prepare a product for exchange that you can use with confidence.

However, if the product is out of stock, we will issue a refund.


After you place an order, the network and banking system will automatically deduct the relevant fees, which will not be refunded after you cancel the order.

You need to contact us before your order is shipped.

We will deduct a handling fee according to the actual packing progress.

The total cancellation fee is 5%~15% before your order is shipped. (Except for Pre-orders)

First of all, we are very grateful for your trust and support to us.

About pre-order,as a rule, orders cannot be cancelled after payment is made because pre-order items are usually scarce, they need to be made by a separate request to the craftsman.

If you need to cancel for personal reasons, a 30% cancellation fee will be deducted within the deadline of the Pre-order. If the delivery is not completed within the booking period, the order can be cancelled completely without any handling fee.

Some points to note

Although Musashihamono takes the utmost care in the production of our products, because they are consistently handmade, it is difficult to produce exactly the same product as a machine-made product, and slight differences and imperfections may occur. The following is an example, but we do not accept returns under the following conditions.

1. Dents in the plastic handle ring and wood

When attaching the blade to the handle, the handle is inserted and removed several times, which may cause slight dents in the plastic handle rings and the wood inside.

2. Burn mark on bottom handle

Because the blade is heated to a high temperature before attaching to the handle, depending on the wood, the heat may reach the bottom of the blade and leave a burn mark.

3. Wood on the handle is pitted or has a strong grain.

Burn marks remain on the bottom of the plastic handle The blade is heated to a high temperature before attaching to the handle, so depending on the wood, the heat may reach the bottom and burn marks may remain.

4. There is a hole on the back side of the blade.

It is unlikely that the knife will be used to this extent, so we do not accept returns.

5. Marks are scattered

Because engraving is done by hand and a lot of force is applied, depending on the type of blade, the engraving may move slightly when it is struck, causing the marks to scatter to other areas.

6. The top surface of the handle is scorched or cracked.

The blade is heated to a high temperature before being attached to the handle, which may cause the top of the handle to scorch or crack, depending on the wood.

7. The shape and appearance of the handle and scabbard may differ slightly.

We purchase from multiple craftsmen who make handles and sheaths. The thickness, length, shape, wood quality, and finish of the same product may vary slightly from craftsman to craftsman.

8. The blade may deviate slightly from the center of the handle.

Due to the manual installation process, the standard for installation varies depending on the wood and blade material used.
In some cases, there is a possibility of slight misalignment on either side. Since the craftsman's main criterion is whether the blade is distorted, we believe that there will be no problems with grip comfort or stability.

9. The engraving on the back side of the piece may be partially erased.

In the process of sharpening, the engraving on the reverse side of the blade may be partially erased in rare cases due to distortion or other reasons.