Santoku Silver Steel
Santoku Silver Steel
Santoku Silver Steel
Santoku Silver Steel
Santoku Silver Steel
Santoku Silver Steel
Santoku Silver Steel
Santoku Silver Steel

Santoku Silver Steel #3 Nashiji Manche Occidental 180mm


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Indulge in the sophistication of the Santoku Silver Steel #3 Nashiji Western Handle 180mm. Crafted with supreme precision, this exceptional knife is hardwearing and designed for effortless cutting with ultimate accuracy. From the distinctive Nashiji texture to the custom silver steel, each detail has been crafted to ensure a luxurious experience that is sure to surpass any culinary expectations.

“Santoku" means an all-purpose knife, including meat, fish, and vegetables. It is designed to have both features of Japanese Nakiri (vegetable knife) and Japanese Gyuto (meat knife). Being highly convenient and practical, it is most widely used in households. Recommended for those new to Japanese kitchen knives and novice cooks.

Gingami 3 is categorized to stainless steel for its 13-14.5% Chromium blending ratio. Although it’s a corrosion-resistant stainless steel, actual feel of cutting is closer to the high-end carbon steel, The edge is not slippy but significantly grabbing object fibers.

Another reason why professional chef selects Gingami 3 is a good affinity to whetstones at hand re-sharpening. The combination with the soft stainless SUS405 outer layer provides further easiness to the blade sharpening. Neo-Classic Nashiji finish gives irresistible appeal to the series as well. The combination with the soft stainless SUS405 outer layer provides further easiness to the blade sharpening.

The Japanese term “Nashiji” (English: Pear skin pattern) refers to the result of a technique that appears to leave the surface finish of a blade looking unfinished and rustic.

Materiel de la lame: Silver Steel #3/Gingami No.3

Lame HRC: 60~61

Finission: Nashiji

Type de lame: Double-edged

Longueur de la lame: 180mm

Largeur de la lame: 1.8mm

Longueur totale: 305mm

Longueur du manche: 120mm

Poids: 175g

Manche: Western Handle

Origine: Tosa dans la prefecture de Kochi

Gaine disponible: Oui(Choisir son Fourreau)

■Veuillez ne pas utiliser le couteau dans un mouvement de torsion.
■Veuillez utiliser le bon couteau lors de la coupe d'os, d'articles congelés ou durs.
■Veuillez noter que les images sont des exemples de produits. La couleur, le poids, le motif et la taille peuvent différer car chaque produit est fait à la main.
■Veuillez utiliser une planche à découper en plastique souple ou en bois pour protéger le bord des lames.
■Veuillez ne pas chauffer ou refroidir rapidement car cela peut modifier la structure de l'acier.
■N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour de plus amples informations.

Customer Reviews

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Seb Hutchings

I am a young chef and this is my first ‘proper’ knife I bought myself. The website was informative and easy to navigate, helping me greatly in deciding which was the best product for me. Delivery was swift and I could not be more pleased with the product upon arrival. The knife is everything promised and more, would definitely recommend to anyone looking in the market

Dimitar Stoimenov

Santoku Silver Steel #3 Nashiji Western Handle 180mm

Beautiful knife, feels bulky

The Nashiji blade design is really beautiful and looks good. As arrived there was a relatively strong black line between the center silver steel #3 and the surrounding layer. I managed to polish it away with some efforts, which improved the appearance. Also the blade got nicely sharp by using a #6000 wetstone.
After having used the knife for 3 weeks I found the Silver Steel #3 didn’t hold the edge so well and became dull. This is a kind of disappointment, since I had high expectations of this steel. It’s also not so easy to sharpen, because the blade would form a burr at the edge, so only low-pressure and more patience would work.
The western handle is nicely rounded, but appears bulky, probably 2-3mm too high. The knife is still comfortable to hold, so the comment rather refers to aesthetics.


Great, I Love the Knife.


5 stars great knife very fast overseas delivery this is my 4th knife and a few more to go

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Caractéristiques Produit

Forgé a la main

Avec le processus de forgeage traditionnel, les molecules présentent dans le fer sont finement réglées, amenant a la creation d'un "couteau de cuisine vivant" qui respire.


Le processus de chauffage et forgeage de chaque materiel, pour créer les moules, est répété trois a quatre fois pour rapidement former la lame et créer de la durabilité, avant que le carbone ne se soit échapper du metal, causant une perte de la resistance originelle.


La lame est le facteur le plus important pour atteindre le meilleur tranchant possible. Elle est polie au sein de notre usine pour produire un tranchant sans compromis.


La plus haute priorité est placée dans la dureté, qui donne un sens de richesse, et dans la forme, pour donner une facilité de prise en main qui ne cause pas de fatigue, meme après plusieurs heures d'usage.

Material TranchantResiste a la rouilleDureté
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