How to use kitchen knife

How to use kitchen knife

To cut well

|How to cut according to the ingredients and usage

Knife can be cut by pushing it from above, pulling it toward you, or moving it back and forth.
There are two main cutting methods, "push cut" and "pull cut".
It is recommended that you change the cutting method according to the knife used, the ingredients, and the purpose, as you can cut it more easily and well.

Using the weight of the knife, push the knife forward while cutting it with force from the cutting edge to the cutting edge.
Because vegetables have hard fibers by nature, when you cut root vegetables and leaves together, you can apply a force when you push to cut them.
When cutting finely, it's a good idea to constantly lower the blade from the top within this "push-cut" range.
In addition, this method is recommended when cutting meat with bones or hard lumps of meat.
Generally, a "Western knife" has a structure suitable for being cut by "push cutting".

Use the entire blade and pull while cutting it while sliding.
By cutting while sliding the blade, you can cut at a sharper angle than the blade of the actual kitchen knife, and you can finish the cutting surface more beautifully.
When cutting soft-bodied foods such as fish, cut them by "pulling" so as not to damage the tissue as much as possible and sashimi so that the beauty of the cut surface is outstanding.
The knife suitable for this "pulling" is called "Japanese knife".
Many knives that handle fish, such as sashimi knives, have long blade edges because they can be cut more beautifully by using this blade for a long time.

When carrying out delicate work such as peeling or making work on the ingredients, hold the handle of the kitchen knife firmly and hold the blade edge with your thumb, forefinger or middle finger, and cut it using the corners of the blade edge. It would be nice to continue. A knife with a long blade is not suitable for these tasks.
At home, you may choose a small knife such as a petty knife.
It's all about the basics, but I hope you find it useful in your daily cooking.