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Special Souvenirs at MUSASHI

Best-Selling Top 1:Blue steel #1

"Blue Steel #1" is a high-carbon steel used in premium Japanese kitchen knives. Known for exceptional hardness and sharpness, it requires careful maintenance to prevent rust due to its susceptibility. The name comes from the blue tint during the traditional forging process.


Best-Selling Top 2:Sliver Steel #3

Sliver No.3 (Hitachi Metals Ltd.) is a very fine-grained Stainless Steel that can attain edge sharpness and edge retention comparable to some High Carbon Steels. It has even been used to create corrosion-resistant versions of Japanese traditional single bevel knives. It is very popular with both professionals and home cooks and is generally believed to be slightly easier to sharpen than VG10.


Best-Selling TOP 3:White steel #1

White Steel No.1 is made by further refining White Steel No.2 and adding more Carbon. The extra Carbon allows it to achieve a slightly higher HRc. than White Steel No.2, but also makes it a bit more brittle. White No.1 is very popular with professional chefs who make traditional Japanese cuisine because it can be sharpened to an exceedingly fine edge, has very good edge retention and is easy to re-sharpen.


Musashi Original: Ocean Knife

Musashi‘s product concept is to create non-discardable products from discarded plastic. As a concrete means of achieving this, we have attempted to take plastic washed ashore as marine debris and transform it into beautiful artifacts and utility products.


Top Christmas Gift Picks

We have boxes that fit each knife. We recommend this as a gift for someone special. The box is decorated with the words of Musashi Miyamoto, from whom MUSASHI was derived: "Focus on one thing" which is the origin of MUSASHI.


Custom Knife Rolls To Fit Your Knives

A unique knife roll crafted from Nishijin textile, hailing from Kyoto, Japan. Choose from a variety of patterns to complement your collection of Japanese knives


Do You Know That Japanese Kitchen Knives Are Famous?

Although it may not be well known, Japanese knives are one of the most important things to buy in Japan.
Even if you are not interested in kitchen knives,if you find them attractive, you may want to get one.
We've created informative videos showcasing different types of Japanese kitchen knives, along with guidance on maintenance and sharpening.You can find all the information you need.

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